Our services

Entrepreneurial recourse, recourse against freight carriers, joint and several liability, or subrogation – whenever you are entitled to have recourse against third parties our motivated team will get the job done for you!
As a registered debt collection agency, we endeavour to recover your claims in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You will benefit from our competent claims handling, aimed at economically sensible results compared to involving the costs of litigation.
The enforcement of recoverable funds also shifts the financial burden from your insurance policy to the wrongdoer, e.g. the carrier or warehouse keeper.

„What about if difficulties arise?“

Should a legal dispute be necessary, we would be pleased to assist you with our global network to closely examine the prospect of legal actions in the competent jurisdiction.

In all cases, lawyers will only be appointed with your consented approval.

„No cure, no pay“

No recovery, no payment.
This is the key feature of our service!

You do not carry any additional financial risk besides your pending claims. If not successful, we will not get paid. In case of a successful recovery, our remuneration consists of an agreed percentage related to the gross amount recovered. These conditions are meant as a guideline and we would be happy to negotiate different terms with you according to circumstances and requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

„A quick look behind“

For decades, Hermann Ahrens has successfully pursued recovery claims related to cargo loss and damage.

„Modern working practices“

Today, as well as reliable contacts and a global network, Hermann Ahrens particularly utilizes:

A great pool of experience, a history full of interesting clients, path-breaking recovery procedures and a vast amount of expertise in the enforcement of automotive and commodity claims.
To this end, our inquisitive and highly competent team has set itself apart from the standard in order to meet and fulfill the modern requirements of the ever-changing insurance industry and whose skills grow constantly.